Opleiding - E-learning basic training emergency response officer

This e-learning is intended for corporate employees who are eager to contribute to the safety of their colleagues. Whether you are already designated as an in-house emergency response officer or simply interested in increasing your safety knowledge and skills, this book provides valuable information that you can apply both within your business environment and in your daily life.

This e-learning will provide you with the knowledge and insights you need to adequately respond to incidents, such as a starting fire, an evacuation or providing first aid.

This e-learning prepares you for the basic training emergency response officer. You will develop knowledge and skills to be able to make a proper assessment of the situation in the event of an incident, fight a small, starting fire, provide assistance during an evacuation and provide first aid. This knowledge and skills are indispensable in the event of a calamity. You can even save lives with it.

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